Gigi Jirapolchet

Gigi Jirapolchet

Social Media Director

DH Estates | Compass

Gigi is a marketing expert with experience in strategy and consulting for brands and individuals across a multitude of industries. An entrepreneur herself, Gigi turned her side hustle into a full-time digital marketing agency, founding Defined Content in 2017. In partnership with DH Estates, she has built comprehensive online marketing services beyond the website and agency parameters for our clients when selling properties.

Gigi’s philosophy for success is rooted in collaboration and the ability to develop a comprehensive strategy that is defined and creative consisting of unique marketing initiatives and an opportunistic vision. Having spent most of her life in Bellevue and currently spending time between the west coast and New York City, Gigi brings an innovative approach to helping our team meet clients' goals. When she is not helping clients exceed their marketing goals, she can be found trying new food, traveling to warm places, being a dog Mom, and hosting gatherings for her friends and family. Her life long dream is to open an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. 

Languages: English, Thai, Japanese


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