Hesam Hanifi

Hesam Hanifi

Broker | Development Specialist

DH Estates | Compass

Hesam’s honest approach and unrelenting pursuit of excellence have made him a major asset to DH Estates. Joining the team in 2020, Hesam brought with him an extensive background in project management, construction, and development. Hesam’s early career in aeronautics taught him how to efficiently optimize and streamline large-scale projects, maximizing his investor’s profit. By his early 20s, he decided to apply what he learned towards real estate, which led him to a successful career in flipping homes. In the midst of the worst financial crisis, Hesam saw an opportunity and assembled his first development company, HM Properties. Together, he and his partner were able to rehab and sell countless homes throughout the greater Seattle area. During this time, Hesam gained invaluable knowledge of real estate and his success led many friends and colleagues to come to him for advice about investing in real estate themselves.

Hesam’s passion for helping his friends and colleagues navigate their way through their largest investment led him to pursue his career as a broker. His comprehensive background has laid a solid foundation for his career. Applying what he has learned in the past, Hesam has been able to guarantee a successful and effortless closing process for his clients. As a first-generation Persian-American, Hesam has had to face much adversity throughout life. His unique background has taught him to be persistent and creative when faced with challenges. Applying these life skills to real estate has allowed Hesam to master the art of negotiation and ensure that his clients achieve the best deal possible and have an enjoyable process getting there. As a distinguished member of the team; his diligence, perseverance, and knowledge of the market is a true gift to his clients and admirable on all levels.

A true purist and car enthusiast, Hesam enjoys his weekends by sharpening his agility at the track, stimulate his creativity by customizing and restoring classics or unwind with long scenic mountain drives. Being a very family-oriented person Hesam also splits his time between Seattle and Los Angeles to be with family.

Languages Spoken: English, Farsi, and Pashto

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