Jaysen Craia

Jaysen Craia

Broker | Eastside

Jaysen was born and raised in the lovely city of Renton, Washington; with deep roots in the city, he knows the greater Seattle area like no other. Whether it comes to the best places to eat, hang out, or most importantly, where to choose your new home, he’s the one to call. Outside of work, he spends his time hiking, fishing, and snowboarding, and has always been a the friendly guide to he PNW for many who are moving into the state of Washington. 

After graduating from College, Jaysen discovered his passion for real estate while helping his parents with their business, and with their house which resulted in him launching his career in real estate. Having immigrated from the country of Moldova, his parents came to the U.S. with the passion and determination to succeed—And in watching how his parents built their business from the ground up, he learned first-hand what it meant to put your all into your work and to do it with integrity. Taking a page from their book, he helped them remodel their home; which is where he learned the fundamentals of realty, not only in theory but in practice as well. In striving to put their new home together, Jaysen got his first sense of true passion to help others build their dream home. 

With his ability to take real-life experience and put it into practice, Jaysen can bring the wants of his clients to life. Staying calm under pressure, while keeping his focus on the task at hand is what allows him to thrive in this market. He knows that trust and honesty are the most important things needed to build relationships with clients, and looks forward to helping you take your next step in your real estate venture. 

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