15 Design Trends to Try in Your Bellevue Home This Spring


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As the seasons change, so do design trends. Finding the right mix of classic and trendy decor to keep your space feeling fresh can take a bit of practice. Here are fifteen inspiring ideas to transform every room in your house this spring. 

1. An Homage to the 1970s

You’ve likely noticed a resurgence of trends from the 1970s in all aspects of design, and the home is no different. While we might not be ready to bring back shag carpet, there are a plethora of other style components to covet from this retro era. From rattan furniture to terrazzo, hints of the 1970s have been creeping into our style catalog for months, but it’s time to dive in. Velvet furniture, patterned wallpaper, and touches of fringe are just the tip of the iceberg. 

2. Maximalist Decor

Minimalism had its time in the spotlight, but lately, homes are celebrating its counterpart: maximalism. With its daring, baroque style, maximalism celebrates excess through boldly contrasting colors, blended patterns, and combined designs. Maximalism also gives you a design opportunity to show off your eccentric tastes by displaying a multitude of items with sentimental value. However, rather than cluttering your space with a hodgepodge of mismatched furnishings and colors, a consciously curated space will have the most effective finish. Utilizing the 60-30-10 design rule that creates a ratio of colors throughout your space will help your home feel cohesive. 

3. Earthy Tones

Organically-inspired colors are all the rage this spring. Choosing natural hues to incorporate throughout your home can inspire feelings of groundedness and stability. However, you don’t need to rely on muted browns to satisfy this trend. The world is filled with gorgeous hues that can be used throughout the house. Soft neutrals are easy to incorporate, such as plush wheat-colored carpets. Mustard yellow is a surprising neutral that allows you to think outside of the box. Sage green has a calming effect, and a rich ocean blue can help you relax in the master bedroom. Don’t forget your hardwood floors—this built-in natural element helps root you to your space, so picking out the perfect wood finish helps complete your space.  

4. No More Sterile Whites

Pure white was touted as the simplest, chicest wall color for most of the 2010s, beloved for its ability to brighten up even the smallest rooms in the house. However, this onslaught of crisp white has become overdone and stale—too stiff and too sterile. As we anticipate spending more time at home in 2021, it’s becoming increasingly self-evident that the home is a place of comfort and relaxation, and pure white’s imposing clarity has begun to feel too harsh. Instead, opt for creamy alterations of the familiar cool white we’re used to seeing. By selecting white with peach and yellow undertones, you can add subtle warmth to your space while maintaining the brightening aspect of white walls and furnishings.

5. Dramatic Black Accents

Black is a bold color for home decor, but it’s also sleek, stylish, and timeless. You might be hesitant to paint your walls black because this intimidating color makes a massive statement, but used thoughtfully throughout a space, black walls can add depth and intrigue to any room. By painting only one wall black, you can utilize it as an accent in a home office or a den to provide a stark contrast and make the room feel bigger rather than cloistering. If you have children, consider utilizing black chalkboard paint to incorporate an interactive element into your kitchen or playroom. Adding a black microfiber couch to your living room is a great option to avoid seeing pesky stains, and a black backsplash in your master bathroom can add a touch of luxury with its high-end, designer look. By balancing out your use of harsh black accents with lighter hues in your flooring and decor, you can mix in this bold shade throughout your home without it becoming overwhelming.

6. Indoor-Outdoor Living

After spending much of 2020 stuck at home, look for unique ways to bring the outdoors in this spring. If you’re up for a remodel, consider adding a pass-through kitchen window to connect your indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces. For a touch of the outdoors inside, try out rattan and wicker furniture, add more houseplants to your space for their restorative properties, and accentuate your natural light by incorporating mirrors and sheer window treatments to your space.

7. Feel Good Fabrics 

Stiff, pressed linens are a thing of the past. As we move into 2021, try incorporating fabrics that are soft to the touch to increase the coziness of any room in your house. Add a velvet couch to your living room, dress your bedding with soft bouclé, or opt for accents with mohair or alpaca. Introducing these textiles to your space will give your home an inviting aura that still feels luxe.

8. Cottage Rustic

Quaint rustic accents are cropping up everywhere in response to the cottagecore aesthetic sweeping through social media. This soft, countryside look adds warmth and character to the farmhouse chic sensation of the 2010s. By blending antique decor with metallic accents, you can pair rustic ingredients with modern fixtures to create a balance of old and new that suits your style. Reclaimed wood is a popular material used for this look because it incorporates a well-worn, lived-in ambiance to any space.

9. Try Pantone’s Colors of the Year

Annually, Pantone selects a color to represent the oncoming year; this year, they’ve chosen two. Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating were thoughtfully selected to represent strength and hopefulness, respectively. Brighten up your Bellevue home this spring with a touch of Illuminating, a brilliant yellow, and allow Ultimate Gray to act as its neutral backbone.

10. A Touch of Tropical

Incorporating elements of dazzling tropical life can boost your spirits this spring, especially after spending much of 2020 at home quarantining. This timeless look, reminiscent of Casablanca and vintage luxury, incorporates plenty of palm fronds—real or faux—and wicker furniture, sheer window treatments, and ocean-inspired hues to evoke a sense of relaxation. 

11. Hexagon Tile

Say goodbye to subway tile! This tried-and-true favorite has been worn so many times it’s become threadbare, and the design world is ready for something new. Instead, this spring, try incorporating hexagonal tiles throughout your home for a geometric flair. Due to its honeycomb shape, this style is subtly reminiscent of nature, which goes hand-in-hand with many of 2021’s other emerging trends, and its six-sided design adds a bit of visual texture whether you utilize it as a flooring tile or a backsplash. 

12. Go Glam with Gem Tones

Combine maximalism and 2021’s penchant for natural colors to take your design to the next level. Gemstones are revered for their beautiful colors, and you can utilize these gorgeous tones inside. A little goes a long way with these statement hues, but feel free to let your creativity flow. Cobalt blue can be used as an accent in almost any room—as a subtle pop of color in the kitchen, a statement tone for a living room couch, or an inspiring wall color in your home office. Emerald green is a luxurious color that brings drama to your master bedroom for a hint of glam or can add subtle elegance to your formal living area. Bold ruby red is energizing and brilliant, and this deep red hue grants your home an opulent aura.

13. Shiplap Alternatives

For much of the last decade, shiplap was utilized to introduce subtle but effective texture in any room of the house. However, this trend is fading quickly, and we’re looking forward to seeing alternatives crop up in Bellevue homes this spring. For its versatility, tile could be the next best thing. It comes in many patterns, colors, and textures and can be utilized as sparingly or abundantly as needed. For a more subtle look, stucco and plaster are a softer textured option.

14. Mix-and-Match Furniture

The days of matching furniture sets are falling behind us. Rather than completing your space by purchasing a furniture set from a showroom, consider scouring the market for individual pieces that add dimension and interest to your space. These non-matching furnishings will elevate each room’s design, but coordinating complementary colors will keep your space feeling seamlessly styled.

15. Go Green

One of the most surprising upcoming design trends is the green kitchen. This unconventional kitchen color scheme blends several of this year’s most popular trends, including incorporating earthy hues and leaning into the retro vibes. Whether you opt for a mossy green or a bold sapphire, painting your cabinets green can keep you ahead of the trends this spring. 

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